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Wonderful work,always,Lenz!ClapLove
I've been absent for some weeks now,personal reasons..
Happy Easter,dear!Huggle!
GreenDragonflyMask Dec 9, 2013  Student General Artist
You're stuff is so good and interesting, is it fun being a photographer at these events? Do you have to always get permission? Do people randomly come up to you to take pictures of them? Am I asking too many weird questions?

Thanks a lot Andy, its lots of fun to be at these type of festivals , and sorry but I am not a photographer (amateur) !

In General its never a problem to take these type of pictures, a large number of the people know me from the other festivals, and some don't . in that case I give them my card !

If they ask me I will do so, but I like to take pictures when they do not expect it, its more natural !!

 No ?

greetz len.

EstudiosIdeaSoez Sep 15, 2013  Student Photographer
Nice gallery! :gallery:
Wow, there is so much beautiful pictures ! :D
Amazing gallery :love:
Trully amazing pictures,Lenz!!:wow::clap:
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